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The Easiest Tree You’ll Ever Set Up & Take Down

Experience Simplicity & Ease this Holiday Season

New and innovative this holiday season is the ULTIMA® tree, the easiest tree you’ll ever set up & take down! FeatherWeight assembly are one of the many features that differentiate ULTIMA tree, making it truly unique. As each ultra-lightweight section comes together with a twist and securely locks into place, ULTIMA tree lights up row by row, as if by magic.

Why Settle for Clear or Multi-Color When You Can Have Both?

ULTIMA tree is the ultimate holiday centerpiece with dual color lights and 9 different light sequences. Need to turn the excitement up a notch? A simple touch of the foot pedal transitions the light sequences: steady-on warm white, steady-on multi-color, blinking warm white and blinking multi-color. Enjoy the twinkle and sparkle of blinking lights, or the traditional look of a steady-on warm white or multi-color.


A Christmas tree designed this brilliantly comes with protection. The new Wrap & Strap Storage System covers and gently compresses each of the tree sections, keeping them clean & protected. Wrap & Strap Storage System also ensures that ULTIMA easily fits back into the box. ULTIMA comes with even more storage essentials such as organizing trays that keep the tree sections together after the holidays. The organizing trays can go in the garage, basement, attic, or closet.

Shaping so Easy Anyone Can Achieve Just
the Right Look & Fullness

With realistic tips and a booming 55 wide diameter at the base of the tree, ULTIMA tree is a full Christmas tree that looks realistic. The quality needles throughout ULTIMA are a pleasant holiday surprise leaving no mess around the tree or on the skirt & gifts. Remaining true to its promise by making shaping so easy anyone can achieve just the right look and fullness, the first time and every time.

Industry Shattering Safety & Quality

Patent Pending CleanConnect Technology eliminates the cumbersome cord hunt while minimizing the visibility of unattractive electrical plugs and wires. Of course, ULTIMA meets all UL safety requirements. ULTIMA tree comes with an industry shattering 10-Year limited warranty that has made us who we are today. A USA family company with global operations, GFP is a manufacturer and prominent supplier of quality consumer products in business since 1957.

FeatherWeight Assembly

ULTIMA distributes the weight of a traditional Christmas tree over 10 lightweight, easy to use sections. With the heaviest, bottom section weighing less than 10 pounds and each additional section weighing an average of 5 pounds ULTIMA is less bulky and fun to assemble.



ULTIMA was designed with storage in mind. Wrap & Strap protects and gently compresses the branches and extends the life of the storage box. Each section has its own Wrap & Strap. The inner trays of the storage box make packing and unpacking a breeze.


Multi-Function Lights

ULTIMA has 680 energy-saving LED lights which go from clear to multi-color to nine different patterns with just the touch of a button.


I have fallen in Love with this new tree and, especially, the foot pedal.




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